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Hello Readers! Mr. and Mrs. Paradise here. We thought we’d take a minute to introduce ourselves and explain the idea behind our new website Frugal Paradise. We know there are many other personal finance blogs out there so thanks for checking out ours! This work was inspired by many of those blogs that have been around for years. We learned how not to be too fancy pants from Mr. Money Mustache, how to go from zero to millionaire from Root of Good, why renting might be better than buying (oops) from JLCollinsNH, that it’s okay to be a frugal weirdo from the Frugalwoods, and how to retire even earlier (!) from the Mad Fientist. One of the very first early retirement websites Mrs. Paradise stumbled upon was Early Retirement Extreme, to which there were two responses: 1) wow, we could really do this! and 2) wow, maybe we need some more help…commence googling for more help!

A little about us: we are two early thirty-somethings living in the Midwestern US. We are sciency-type people1 who did the “stay in school until you are 30 (or more)” thing. For this reason we had a slight leg-up on being frugal since we’ve spent the majority of our adult lives living off of student salaries. Mr. Paradise now teaches at a local undergraduate university and Mrs. Paradise has an academic position at a teaching hospital. Our goal is to continue  living the student life (with a few allowed extravagances like a house instead of our old studio apartment) until we gather up enough of a nest egg to reach financial independence. Our current projection is about 9-10 years from now but we don’t worry too much about the specifics for now. We’re just taking each day one at a time and enjoying the ride.

The plan for this website is to cover a smattering of different topics including personal finance for early retirement, money saving strategies, health and happiness, and occasionally sweet deals that we find around the web that help us (and you!) save some cold hard cash on stuff you’re probably buying already anyway. We don’t take ourselves too seriously around here. In fact, Mr. Paradise has just informed me that he is planning for his first post to be all about our two cats, so…there’s that too!

Lastly, we want to thank all those who inspired us to start along this journey. This includes the kind folks mentioned that the beginning of this post and many others who have shared their stories and words of wisdom. Without you, we’d never have even known about early retirement / financial independence and we’d be stuck being fancy-complainypants until retirement at 65.

Stay tuned for more to come as we get the site up and running!


  1. Amazingly, “sciency” is now a word in the Oxford English Dictionary as of 2014. This is along with scientificality, scientificness, and scientifical method (what?).


  1. Hey there fellow sciency type people (I’m gonna have to borrow that word – love it!) I’m a new blogger too and just found your blog today via Rockstar Finance!! Just wanted to leave a comment and say hi!!

  2. Hello Frugal Paradi (Greek plural of Paradise? :p ) and “fellow sciency type people”. You two made it further up the chain than I did – I stopped after my B.Sc. But I currently work for a professional astronomical observatory.

    I caught wind of your blog from perhaps the grand daddy of them all, JLCollinsNH – specifically this post:

    I’ve been following along some of the names you mentioned above for a while. But the idea of a personal finance/early retirement blog written from sciency-type people was intriguing, so I thought I’d stop by. 😀

    A couple other blogs that are definitely worth following (because you TOTALLY have the time to follow even more blogs):

    The author, Paula Pant, comes at early retirement from the standpoint of real estate investing and has done a great job. As such, there’s a lot of real estate stuff in there, but there’s also a lot of great generalized advice as well. And she does monthly spend/income reports, which are great for the personal finance voyeur in all of us.

    Bridget Eastgaard lives in Calgary, Alberta, so a lot of the information is related to living in Canada. But again, she has a lot of good generalized advice as well and she just recently obtained her MBA in Finance. And as the name of her blog somewhat implies, it’s geared toward the current younger generation(s), essentially the “millennials” if you will. She also does YouTube videos from time to time as well, which can be found by just scrolling down a bit on her front page. They’re always informative, and some are quite entertaining.

    I look forward to reading a personal finance/early retirement blog written by sciency people (and for sciency people? :p ).

    Have a great day!

    • Hi Josh! Thanks for visiting us and for the blog recommendations! I have spent some time on Paula’s website recently but I haven’t been to Bridget’s, so I’ll definitely be checking that one out. Working in an astronomical observatory sounds awesome – I took astronomy in college but haven’t revisited it since. Thanks again!

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