January Spending Review

Excuse me, you're interrupting my sunbathing.

Excuse me, you’re interrupting my sunbathing.

Welcome to our first cash flow review of 2016! This is every dollar that the Paradise family parted with over the month of January. Our total spending was $6129.90, but this included our winter taxes of $2161. Non-tax and mortgage spending was $2098.15, which wasn’t too bad considering the unexpected $400 roof repair. We might have been able to do that repair ourselves but I refused to let Mr. Paradise up on the icy roof. The extra $400 was worth it.

I think we did pretty well limiting the purchasing of “stuff” this month, but we’re a little disappointed with the grocery spending. We did stock up on some meat, but we’ve also been eating more of it since it’s readily available in our freezer. We’ll try to lower that number a bit next month.

Property tax$2161.04Our winter 2016 property taxes. We don't pay this in escrow as part of our mortgage payment, instead we just pay too lump sums twice a year. We aren't quite sure what the summer will be since the house will probably be reassessed after our purchase of it last year.
Groceries$609.96This was a big month for groceries. We spent $198 on organic, free-range beef and chicken from a farm in Indiana. We normally aim for $400-$450 per month for the two of us.
Roof repair$400.00A big storm ripped some of the shingles off our house. Our first home repair, thankfully it was pretty minor!
Auto payment$353.60Yes, we have a car loan. But in our defense it is at 0% interest.
Tax prep$150.00This is just the first installment, we hope the remainder won't be too bad. Normally we do our own but the last several years have seen some complications due to living in a different country.
Utilities$141.29Electric and gas
Vet$100.00Cucumber followup ultrasound
Pet supplies$59.30Food and kitty litter
Shopping$58.91Random Amazon shopping, including vacuum bags, a humidifier filter, and batteries for our garage door openers. Exciting stuff.
Gift$50.00A gift for Mr. Paradise on his birthday. Potentially the subject of a future post!
Internet$42.42AT&T fiber 6MBps
Gas$38.98Pretty standard, no big trips
Security system$35.99This is what we pay so that every time we set the alarm off by accident we get a phone call checking if we are okay. Hopefully we never have to use it for the real thing.
Webpage$33.87Fees to start up this website!
Lawn and garden$29.97An axe for chopping wood!
Cell phone$27.00Monthly fee for my phone. Mr. Paradise has pay-as-you-go, which comes as a $100 charge approximately once a year.
Entertainment$21.98One trip to the movies and one game on Steam
Home supplies$20.32You know, toilet paper and whatnot
Restaurant$18.79Dinner out for Mr. Paradise's birthday! It was one of the restaurants that gives 50% off on birthdays.
Sports$15.89Hockey tape
Travel$11.20Unexpected trip home paid for with miles plus this small fee
Pharmacy$10.00Prescription refill
Fast food$6.43Bagel sandwich in the airport

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