April Spending Review


Trader Joe’s has organic basil plants from Canada for $2.99! We used this to make tomato crostini for a party. My goal is to not kill it for at least a couple of weeks.

Wow, it’s May already! Spending was pretty high this month because we paid for our summer vacation. More details on that later! Otherwise, mostly normal expenditures.

Monthly Spending Summary

Total$7,973.30Total without mortgage was $6,175.46. Minus the travel this comes to $2,115.96.
Travel$4059.50That's right, the Paradise family is planning a summer vacation...still have airfare and hotel to figure out, but we should be able to take care of that with credit card rewards.
Mortgage$1719.00Just principal and interest.
Groceries$477.28A big month for groceries, but at least a little bit of this was stocking up. We also threw a birthday party for yours truly...so that amped up the spending a little bit.
Auto payment$353.60Yes, we have a car loan. But in our defense it is at 0% interest.
Gift$294.07Several friends had birthdays this month, and it looks like Mr. Paradise might have splurged a little bit on mine! Can't say I'm complaining 🙂
Utilities$143.91Another improvement over last month! It's warmed up a little bit here but we are getting a ton of rain. Hopefully that means flowers for May!
Furnishings$117.37We bought a giant printed canvas to cover up our electrical box in the basement. This worked out pretty well - we took a photo from Reddit and used one of those online canvas printing companies to get it printed for us. Total cost $85 for a 40'x32' canvas. The rest of the spending was $33 on solar lights to line the entryway to our house. This was a Costco impulse buy, but they are pretty neat.
Pharmacy$105.83More allergy stuff and the like. Ahh, spring.
Sports$253.94Mr. Paradise paid for the spring season of hockey, plus there was a hockey skate repair - definitely preferable to the purchase of a brand new pair (or a twisted ankle if we didn't fix it!).
Personal care$55.31Exciting stuff, like face lotion.
Charitable giving$54.00Mr. Paradise joined Sigma Pi Sigma.
Alcohol and Bars$47.69Another night out this month, plus a couple of bottles of wine for above mentioned party.
Internet$42.42AT&T, not Comcast!!
Cash$40.00You know, stuff.
Security System$35.99I don't know if you're keeping track, but I broke my streak of not setting it off by accident. This month it was Apollo getting over-excited about a bird and knocking a picture frame off a window sill.
Doctor visit co-pay$30.00
Cell phone$27.00Monthly fee for my phone. Mr. Paradise has pay-as-you-go, which comes as a $100 charge approximately once a year.
Garden$24.84Who knew taking care of a lawn required so much work. This was a little bit of grass seed. Our lawn is slowly being taken over by weeds, next month this line item is going to appear again...
Entertainment$14.99A Steam party game, for above mentioned party (Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes).
Restaurants$14.07Amazingly this was actually three separate transactions. One was Dairy Queen, and everybody needs a little DQ from time to time.
Car wash$7.00
Parking$3.60Parking for our night on the town.


  1. Taking care of the lawn can definitely be a lot of work. Especially dealing with weeds! I have learned a ton through The Grass Pad- http://www.grasspad.com/idiotproofprogram.html. Anyway, after about a year and a half following their “program” we have a great looking lawn with very few weeds only one or two small random places that seem borderline impossible to grow grass. The Grass Pad is based out of Kansas City and they put on free lawn clinics every spring and fall that are awesome. I am sure you could get comparable fertilizer/weed killer just about anywhere.

    But more importantly, your net worth is climbing fast! Good work you guys!

    • Thanks for the link! “Idiot-proof program” definitely sounds like what we need 🙂 It’s funny how I never even thought about this before and now when I drive around the neighborhood I’m analyzing everybody’s lawns…

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