May Spending Review

Look at the basil plant! I didn't kill it yet!

Look at the basil plant! I didn’t kill it yet!

It’s June and I only posted twice in May! I’ll try to be better. In the summertime things really pick up at work, yet somehow we managed to spend way above our average this month. See below for a detailed description, and I also updated our net worth tracker last week. We are about to hit 600k!

Total$4,541.12Total without mortgage was $2,822.12. This is more than last month outside of the vacation spending. For some reason we "needed" a lot of stuff in May.
Mortgage$1719.00Just principal and interest.
Groceries$728.40Holy crap! Apparently we went a little crazy this month. This is one of the reasons it's a great idea to track your spending, because I honestly didn't think we spent that much extra. We did get a special shipment of beef and chicken ($199) from a local farm, and my mom visited for a weekend which upped the amount as well. Most of the meat we eat lately comes from Seven Sons, where they pasture raise the animals and we get to feel a lot better about what we eat. It does come at a price though.
Auto insurance$403.00This is about half the yearly payment. It's a little wonky right now because we added a second car midway through last year.
Auto payment$353.60Yes, we have a car loan. But in our defense it is at 0% interest.
Home$270.34A second dehumidifer for the basement plus a ladder. Ahh, the unexpected costs of home ownership that we never thought about as renters. I'm scared to see what these dehumidifers are going to do to our next electricity bill.
Utilities$251.48This is almost 50/50 the water/trash/sewer bill and the gas/electric bill. The first one is quarterly. We finally aren't using the heat anymore but in May we started using the air conditioning. We have it set to 80 degrees but we've had some HOT, humid days lately, so I think next month's bill might be pretty high...
Clothes$173.81Here's something you don't see on our spending report very often. In fact, I can't even remember the last time we bought clothes. But somehow, basically every one of Mr. Paradise's shirts has holes it it. Bless him for putting up with it for so long. This bill accounted for a $40 pair of tennis shoes for me, $30 on two gym tank tops for me, and the rest on a couple of t-shirts and a couple of work shirts for Mr. Paradise. Hopefully we won't be spending in this category again for a while!
Garden$145.85We are gardeners! Just kidding. My mom is a gardener and we are bystanders. This amounted to some weed killer (primarily pots of boiling salt water but we also broke down and got a tiny bit of the spray stuff), a professional weed killer / fertilizer for the lawn, some mulch, and some flowers to plant. We succumbed to "keeping up with the Jones" and got the lawn sprayed. Last month our entire lawn got taken over by dandelions and broadleaf weeds (if you don't know what this is, look it up, it's like something out of Jurassic Park). The broadleaf weeds basically ate our lawn, and though Mr. Paradise did his best spraying them and digging them up, we decided to up the ante and get the whole lawn sprayed. Hope it works!
Pharmacy$108.61We are spending a ton in this category lately. Mostly it is my fault for having ridiculous allergies.
Gas$44.73Pretty typical.
Internet$42.42AT&T, not Comcast!!
Restaurants$40.68Two drinks at a coffee shop which we took into the cat cafe (see below!), one trip to Dairy Queen, and two lunches out: one for my birthday and one a goodbye lunch for a student that worked with me. Not bad for so many outings.
Cash$40.00You know, stuff.
Gym$39.00This is the first month my gym membership fee kicked in in full. Going to the gym regularly has led to a HUGE boost in my energy and mood, it's definitely worth the price.
Security System$35.99We set it off this month by accidentally opening a window when the alarm was on. Unfortunately I was at work and they didn't get me on my cell until the second try, which led to a very strongly worded letter from the city police. Sad face.
Doctor visit co-pays$29.95
Cell phone$27.00Monthly fee for my phone. Mr. Paradise has pay-as-you-go, which comes as a $100 charge approximately once a year.
Haircut$17.00Mr. Paradise. Eventually I'll have to break down and get my hair cut too, it's been a while, but that's the nice thing about long hair.
Charitable giving$14.00That's right, we visited the new cat cafe!! It's $7 / hour per person. They've already adopted out 19 cats in the few weeks they've been open. Awesome!
Personal care$12.64
Entertainment$9.99We got Netflix!
Parking$2.40I don't even remember what this was for.

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