June Spending Review


Mom and baby ducks outside the employee entrance where I work. I tried to snap this picture quickly while running by, but mom was still pretty annoyed.

Spending was way down in June, which is awesome because we have a few major things come up in July. Shortly I’ll be updating our Net Worth Tracker too. We crossed a major milestone this month!

Total$3,442.87Total without mortgage was $1,723.87. Pretty solid, glad we compensated a little bit for the previous month.
Mortgage$1719.00Just principal and interest.
Auto payment$353.60Yes, we have a car loan. But in our defense it is at 0% interest.
Groceries$342.72Glad to see we reigned this in from last month! This category wasn't even our highest non-mortgage category this month, maybe for the first time ever!
Pet sitting$162.00The Paradise family was out of town for a bit in June, which racked up some pet sitting fees. We don't want Apollo to get lonely.
Clothes$138.31Quoting myself from last month, "hopefully we won't be spending in this category again for a while". Oops. I bought some work clothes...
Cash$100.00You know, stuff. We still have about $40 of this left. I'll count it now because otherwise I'll forget it. Most of what we spent already was for drinks on a night out (see expensive parking tab below).
Utilities$98.34Yay! A big decrease from last month now that the weather has evened out and it is less humid.
Gift$78.62Random things here and there.
Gas$76.44Way over what we usually do, but Mr. Paradise took the Civic on a road trip to see his family.
Garden$47.00More spray for the lawn.
Internet$42.42AT&T, not Comcast!!
Pets$40.24We are trying Apollo on some fancy "limited ingredient food" because our vet thinks he has allergies. We started by mixing it in gradually with this regular food. His ability to eat around all the new food was amazing, but after several weeks I think he has admitted defeat. We have the pickiest cat in the world - I can't even find a treat to bribe him with because he won't eat them!
Gym$39.00Monthly gym fee - still going three times a week!
Restaurants$38.60Fancy brunch for the two of us. I had a $25.00 off coupon for my birthday for being a club member đŸ™‚
Security System$35.99We set it off AGAIN this month - this time by trying to break apart two pieces of broken sausage. Thank you glass break detector.
Personal care$28.02
Cell phone$27.00Monthly fee for my phone. Mr. Paradise has pay-as-you-go, which comes as a $100 charge approximately once a year.
Home$14.27Apparently we needed some stuff that seals up cracks in the driveway. Mr. Paradise handles this.
Parking$8.40One epic night when we used a downtown parking structure accounted for the majority of this.
Car wash$7.00I don't think I really need to explain this.

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