It’s only things


Today’s post is going to be a relatively short one. And just a warning it is full of sadness and a little bit of suspense…

I was really on the ball this morning and got the sheets in the wash within moments of getting up. I brushed my teeth, put my hair up, even put on a little bit of lip gloss and mascara.

I went into the living room and Mr. Paradise was curious about the loud noise coming from the laundry room. Now, just to bring you into the moment, our laundry room barely fits a washer, dryer, and a human being. You basically have to do gymnastics to get in there with a laundry basket, and don’t even get me started with trying to get the vacuum cleaner out of there. Because of this, our washer can be quite loud because it vibrates against the ironing board which is rammed between it and the wall.

So, I thought nothing of this loud noise and told Mr. Paradise about how on the ball I was with the laundry.

And the noise continued for another few minutes until I started to get curious. Usually the vibrating doesn’t last the whole cycle, it’s only just for a few minutes at the beginning. I went to look at the laundry machine and it wasn’t vibrating against the ironing board at all, yet there was still a loud noise coming from it. From the inside. 

With dread, I opened up the washer and gently rotated the sheets around to see what was going on. My heart dropped into my shoes when I saw my shiny, barely eight months old iPhone. The screen was cracked in multiple places and water was dripping from the case. Not a good sign.

Clearly the answer to this problem was to collapse on the laundry room floor and have a meltdown, while Mr. Paradise tried to figure out what happened. I eventually explained it to him using more expletives than I had used in the previous six months combined. I’ll let you imagine which ones.

I’d take a picture to show you the damage, but, you know, no phone.

So I’m sitting on the floor yelling about how the phone is basically brand new, and guess what, I had never once backed it up in the entire time that I had it. All those photos of our trip to Alaska? Gone. The stupidity abounds.

And of course Mr. Paradise being the wonderful man that he is gave me a big hug and said, “it’s only things”.

My phone is currently in many, many pieces in the back room of our local computer repair shop. They are letting it dry out until Monday afternoon, then will try to get it to turn on so that it can be backed up. Then we’ll take a trip to Apple and pay the $299 fee to get it replaced. I’m not super optimistic but the repair shop guy said he’d been able to do it before. Keep your fingers crossed for us, otherwise the Frugalize Alaska post will be rather dull.

But Mr. Paradise is right of course, it’s only things. I don’t actually care much about the $299, but I sure would like to have those photos back…


  1. Aww. So sorry to hear this. And thank you for reminding me to back up my phone.

    Since I’ve lost my previous iphone (or was it stolen?) at a train station, I’ve bought a much cheaper phone (a wiko? Not sure if you even can buy it in the US). For me it works just as well, and now I only have a $60 phone to lose – or wash – instead of a $300 one. That helps a bit.

    But of course, the memories are more important.

    • Thanks Petra, sorry to hear your phone was stolen! I’ve been thinking about getting a cheaper phone too, but also hopefully I can avoid washing it again!

  2. You may not have the pics backed up to a laptop, but if you have an iCloud account, there’s a chance they’re backed up there.

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