October Spending Review

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!


A very busy month indeed. Hope to be around a little bit more next month – looking forward to the Thanksgiving long weekend!

Total$4,443.89Total without mortgage was $2724.89.
Mortgage$1719.00Just principal and interest.
Auto insurance$411.00Quarterly payment
Groceries$405.49We did a major revamp of our meal planning this month, more details to come!
Auto payment$353.60Yes, we have a car loan. But in our defense it is at 0% interest.
Charity$300.00Remember that charity ball that we spent $340 on for tickets last month? Well, wine + silent auction + Ms. Paradise's love for animals = purchasing a pet photography session. Stay tuned for hopefully some awesome photos!
Sports$270.00Hockey for Mr. Paradise
Clothes$160.20I bought some shoes...a weakness.
Cell phone$127.00Monthly refill for my phone. Mr. Paradise refilled his too.
Utilities$126.95Gas and electric. We also got a $25 rebate for buying a dehumidifier in the past year, thanks energy company!
Shopping$117.81This was six different transactions at target, what the heck did we buy?
Gift$80.25Something for my baby sister, and a homemade gift for a colleague
Pets$67.16A couple of bags of litter and a new bag of food
Internet$59.42Our one year promotional price expired...but at least it's still not Comcast.
Garden$47.00Last lawn spray of the year, we decided to cancel it
Home$40.14Shower sealant, and other things Mr. Paradise can't remember.
Gym$39.00Monthly gym fee - still going three times a week!
Security System$35.99We are definitely due for setting it off by accident...
Restaurants$12.18I accidentally spent $6 on lunch I didn't have time to eat. Oops. The rest was a drink with some gym buddies.


  1. Looks like a decent month! Our spending was very close to yours for October even though our monthly expenses are lower, we blew our surplus on vacation. Our promotional discount on internet is set to expire in April next year. I am not looking forward to paying more for that. I might call to complain again.

  2. Looks solid. Good job keeping your restaurant spending so low. And I look forward to reading about the revamp of your meal planning. Hopefully it cuts your costs going forward.

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