November Spending Review


I have to admit I was not looking forward to tallying up this month’s spending. I knew we had gone overboard in quite a few areas. Well, if we hadn’t bought that exercise machine or that chest freezer or spent $300 on gifts it wouldn’t have been so bad…but we did do all that. I’m definitely guilty of frequently using the excuse that it was okay we spent more than usual because we don’t normally pay $799 for a rowing machine each month. But looking back, there’s always something. Whether it’s a new/used exercise machine, travel expenses, taxes, whatever.

So even though you don’t buy a rowing machine every month (hopefully?), maybe it’s worth planning for one anyway.

Total$5,418.40Total without mortgage was $3,699.40
Mortgage$1719.00Just principal and interest.
Sports$997.99Mr. Paradise paid for another season of hockey. Oh yeah, AND we bought a rowing our (minimal) defense it was used.
Groceries$534.07We had guests for several days this month, which really bumped up our spending. We've also started buying a lot more organic food, and I forced Mr. Paradise to drive me all around town looking for a Thanksgiving ham that was certified humane. $40 and a trip to Whole Foods later, I was finally satisfied.
Home$511.70So much stuff! We rented a U-Haul twice, once to move our new chest freezer (in this category) and once to move our new/old rowing machine (see sports, above), bought a miniature live Christmas tree, got some tools at Lowes, furnace filters, a couple of plastic spray bottles, a fake Christmas tree that we hope the cats won't eat, holiday lights for outside, some tree decorations, and paid $179 for furnace maintenance. Whew!
Auto payment$353.60Yes, we have a car loan. But in our defense it is at 0% interest.
Gift$306.46We went a little crazy on Christmas already... I expect December to be similar.
Utilities$218.25Gas and electric was $100, water/etc was $118
Clothes$131.00Both of us bought new work shoes, and I bought some socks, exciting!
Travel$123.12This is one night in a hotel in Canada to visit Mr. Paradise's family.
Doctor$92.20Optometrist and contacts for Mr. Paradise
Entertainment$85.62This is a bit uncharacteristic for us, but I'll use the excuse that we had guests and spent $50 on museum admission. We also went to a movie, paid for our Netflix subscription, renewed our Atlantic subscription for two years, and Mr. Paradise bought a ton of old Steam games during a sale.
Personal Care$75.37Mr. Paradise bought an electric razor and a set of hair clippers. A few youtube videos later I managed to give him an awesome haircut! Hopefully this will save us lots of money in the future - can't believe we didn't do it before! We also bought some plain old razors and other various sundries.
Gas$61.41Not sure why this was so high this month.
Internet$59.42Our one year promotional price expired...but at least it's still not Comcast.
Gym$39.00Monthly gym fee - still going three times a week!
Security System$35.99We are definitely due for setting it off by accident...
Cell phone$27.00Monthly refill for my phone
Parking$24.20Ugh, really?
Alcohol$13.00Mr. Paradise had a night on the town.

Thank goodness I didn’t have to include our plane tickets for the holidays. We paid for those with credit card points or that would have been another $800. Thank you Chase!

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  1. Considering your lumpy purchases, it still seems like a pretty good month to me. Do you set aside some $ for holiday spending year-round so that the Nov/Dec/Jan extras are preplanned? Even though we seem to buy for fewer people now, those extra meals out with family & coworkers, “splurge” cooking ingredients, and small gifts you give to folks this time of year stack up quickly. And this year it looks like you had some decoration spending as well. We save $100 a month year-round so we have that holiday cushion ready to go. It helps us celebrate guilt-free without over-doing it and if any is leftover, we give it to a local foodbank charity.
    Thanks, as usual for sharing your details. Happy December!

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