January 2017 Spending Review

I had to add the year to the title since this is officially our second year tracking our spending each month! Not too shabby. I’m a little late with the post this month, but I’ll blame that on a crazy work week and just generally being exhausted.

You may have noticed that last month we had a mysterious “piano moving” charge. This was to move my Baldwin R grand piano from my parent’s house to our house. The piano is almost 20 years old and I’m incredibly thrilled to have it. We would have gotten it sooner but we were never living in a place where it would have fit. 800 sq foot apartment anyone?

Expect to see “piano tuning” on one of the upcoming spending reviews.

Much loved 1998 Baldwin R Grand Piano

January was one of our lowest cost months in a while, even though we spent over $400 on our pets. Maybe because it was too cold to go outside? Here’s to another month of hibernation!

Total$4,085.58Total without mortgage was $2,366.58
Mortgage$1719.00Just principal and interest.
Groceries$426.73Always happy when groceries is our next highest spending category after the mortgage. We just can't seem to break $400 though no matter what we do!
Pets$430.75We paid $155 for pet sitting while we were out of town in December. We also restocked on food this month. But, most of these is another trip to the vet for Apollo. He's doing much better now!
Auto payment$353.60Yes, we have a car loan. But in our defense it is at 0% interest.
Utilities$164.56Expect next month's to be in the $200's. Is it summer yet?
Home$117.68I can't even remember what this all was. A bunch of trips to Target! At least some of it was holiday decorations.
Gift$139.18Mr. Paradise's birthday is in January. There were also a few other random gifts here and there.
Charity$60Another pet sitting customer! This is not included in the total below since the net is zero.
Internet$59.42Our one year promotional price expired...but at least it's still not Comcast.
Gas$41.07Pretty typical
Gym$39.00Monthly gym fee - still going three times a week!
Security System$35.99We are definitely due for setting it off by accident...
Clothes$39.41A pair of pants for me and a shirt for Mr. P.
Cell phone$27.00Monthly refill for my phone
Restaurants$17.02Dinner for Mr. P's birthday.
Entertainment$9.99Netflix! Our HBO trial expired. Maybe we will try Starz next...
Personal Care$6.50Amazon had a deal on the soap that Mr. Paradise likes. I think this is about a year's supply.
Parking$3.60I had jury duty! But I didn't get to jury. 🙁



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