June 2017 Spending Review

Yes, I grew this and yes, I am quite proud of it. Also I have no idea when I am supposed to pick it – it could already be way too late. But I’m proud of it anyway šŸ™‚

Welcome to halfway through 2017! It’s already been a pretty crazy year for the Paradise Family, but our net worth seems to be doing ok despite some unexpected expenses. There’s always something, right?

Total$5,182Total without mortgage was $3,463
Mortgage$1,719Just principal and interest.
Home$1,115Whew! Well, we finally bit the bullet and bought a new dishwasher. It was time to say goodbye as after multiple trouble-shooting attempts, we were still rewashing most of our dishes by hand. The purchase amounted to about $1K + $75 for a new valve to get up to code minus $200 for the giant scratch the installers put in our wood floor when installing it. Not exactly the way we wanted to get a 20% discount, but we'll take it. Best Buy was awesome about making it right and super fast with the payment. Two thumbs up! Installation and haul-away of our old dishwasher were free because of a Memorial Day deal.
Doctor$690Yep, it just doesn't end. Expect next month to be a doozy.
I'll blame this on the fact that there were five weekends in June...we also made a couple of big Costco trips to stock up on various things like dishwasher detergent.
Auto payment$354Yes, we have a car loan. But in our defense it is at 0% interest.
Cell phone$127Monthly refill for my phone plus Mr. Paradise refilled this month. His last refill was in October 2016, so that's about $8-$9 / month. Pretty solid.
Utilities$112I can't believe how low this is given how hot it has been and how much the dehumidifiers have been running. Maybe next month will be the big hit?
Charity$100We made a small contribution to WWF because they sent us a flier with a sad-looking polar bear on it. We still have some money left in our Vanguard Charitable account so I think we'll make some bigger donations to a few organizations within the next few months before we refill it.
Clothes$76None of this was very exciting but I got a big thrill out of a $12 purchase at Kohl's that included a pair of shorts for Mr. P, a king size pillow, and a Godiva chocolate bar. I'm easily impressed.
Internet$60Our one year promotional price expired...but at least it's still not Comcast.
Pharmacy$60These are copays, I guess I could have stuck it in with doctor stuff.
Gym$39Monthly gym fee - still going three times a week!
Gas$38Much better than last month!
Security System$36We haven't set it off accidentally in months!
Yard$35We still had a little bit left on a Lowe's gift card that I included in a previous month, so this was really closer to $60. We bought some insect repellent (there is a big increase in ticks around here lately, yikes...), and several new plants for inside the house.
Shopping$31A new zip drive for Mr. Paradise since his broke, plus an umbrella for me to replace my 10 year old one that I bought the day I met my wonderful husband.
Pets$29Epic kitty litter deal at Pet Smart. I think we have litter for the next six months now...
Entertainment$26Netflix plus we went to see Wonder Woman last weekend. Is $16.50 the normal price for two matinee tickets now? I shouldn't complain, it was a lot more when we lived in Toronto.
Restaurants$22A trip to a breakfast diner plus TWO trips to Dairy Queen. Yesterday we bought a pint of ice cream and unfroze some u-pick strawberries so we could make our own sundaes. Yes!
Sports$6Hockey laces

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